Great design should
make you feel something.


That's why we call ourselves Hotcold Design Studio. We are an award winning, full-service brand design firm founded by former BAKER DESIGN Creative Director Todd Dalebroux, who has been helping great brands of all shapes and sizes tell their story for over 30 years. 

Being that we are based in Minneapolis, MN with a satellite office located in Denver, CO, we know a thing or two about enduring the heat and surviving the cold. For example, we know that 1) it's not always the heat, but the humidity that will get you and 2) exposure to such diverse extremes builds character and makes you stronger for it.

We believe in the power of design. We believe that great design should make you feel something; that it should speak from the heart and make an emotional connection – light a fire and give you chills. We believe that design like that has the ability to connect, inform, engage and delight and we believe that our work can speak for itself.

Want to find out what we can do for your brand? Get in touch and let us know what problem we can help you solve.

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